Freddie Peacock x 4BYSIX

Artist Freddie Peacock recently teamed up with the charity, ‘4BYSIX’ to create his latest piece, entitled, “WHO IS VIRGIL?”. The charity provide reclaimed London bus panels for artists to paint on, and then auction the created paintings in aid of people from disadvantaged backgrounds looking to pursuit a creative career. For their most recent exhibition, Freddie chose to create a commemorative painting of the late icon, Virgil Abloh. The painting maintains Freddie’s orthodox style and explores the life and career of Virgil through both blatant…and hidden references within the painting. In conjunction with the release of the painting and the money raised at its auction for the 4BYSIX charity, Freddie will release a limited supply of “WHO IS VIRGIL?” ‘Paint splatter’ items that were worn during different stages of the painting process for the piece. The Limited edition items will be available via his website, with all proceeds being donated to Virgil’s “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund.

The painting will be exhibited alongside other works endorsed by ‘4BYSIX’, between 31/03/22 - 02/04/22 at:

125 New Bond Street


4BYSIX Auction

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