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It’s no secret that networking is key to building a successful career and brand within the creative industries, it’s why we created The Creative Kids. Creating opportunities for creative professionals and artists to engage with each other is at the heart of what we do, and on September 19th that vision came to life through our “Creators and Creatives” mixer event hosted in partnership with Outlet inside Mister C at the opulent Bisha Hotel

If you’re not already familiar with the platform, Outlet is an app for entertainment and creative entrepreneurs to book jobs, network, host and attend events launching soon! The force behind the app is creative entrepreneur Shauna Hynes. Over the past two years Hynes has been working diligently to build the Outlet platform and bring her dreams to life, we caught up briefly with her to learn and share more about Outlet.


SH: Hey, my name is Shauna Hynes and I am a creative entrepreneur; the best way I can describe many of my ventures. My largest venture is starting my own tech startup, Outlet.

Introduce yourself and the Outlet platform…


Describe Outlet and the vision behind the platform…

SH: Outlet is an app for entertainment artist and creative entrepreneurs to book jobs, network, host and attend events. Started in 2021 when I first moved to Toronto I realized how hard it was to meet other creatives especially during covid. I was using dating apps…. Not safe. Then thought using dating apps to network the original idea of essentially creating a tinder but just for creatives to swipe and connect. I further developed that idea to include more efficiency, larger networks and events. To summarize, my reason behind founding outlet was because I wanted to create a new way for freelance creatives to break into the high end market with more ease. The future goals for the app is to be intentional and give creatives the opportunities to book jobs, attend events and network all around the world.

Image of Outlet App interface by Outlet


Talk about your event series at Mister C and the mission behind them…

SH: Due to delays the app was not launched when expected, however I wanted a way to develop the brand of Outlet and for creatives to have a place where they could come and network.


What’s been the best experience so far founding and running Outlet?

SH: With starting any kind of brand, company etc the bad days feel months long and one good day feels hours long. The best part about founding and running Outlet is learning how to work harder during those bad days. As a 22 year old creative entrepreneur learning how to overcome challenges and come out stronger has to be the greatest part of the journey.

Stay tuned for more from Outlet x The Creative Kids!



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