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Words: Malik Campbell

Media: Redlocker Collective

Image: Kids Make Art in Paris by Gigi (@bygigiiii)

Redlocker collective’s got vintage pieces you don’t want to miss out on. Read more as Co-founder Malik Campbell walks us through their origins and first release.

Redlocker Collective launched recently back in February 2023. We are a store built from our interests. My friend Evan Michel and I, Malik Campbell, run the store. We sell vintage clothing. I've been into vintage fashion since a kid, and I've been thrifting vintage for years. Redlocker sources everything from where ever we can get our hands on things. We're always on the lookout for the next piece to pick up. We source items we feel are extensions of ourselves. We appreciate many things but can't keep them for ourselves, so why not share them with others. We sell anything from 70s flares, baby tees, 80s Day to Day, 90s streetwear, workwear, and 2000s Skate.

Redlocker Collective is releasing our first drop in the spring/summer season 2023. We had a very talented team and a large team at that. I have never worked on a project with this many hands on it. It was a new and fun experience. We're dropping 25+ handpicked vintage items. Our output was massive on this shoot. We have a Spring/Summer 2023 Lookbook Short Film, SS23 Photoshoot, BTS Video, BTS Photos, and Look Book Photos. We run our vintage store on a seasonal structure and hold drops according to the season's theme. In addition, we drop updated playlists of our favorite music that serve as a score to our season's pieces. short bios, and build a world where if you like Redlocker, you want these films, cars, etc.

For Inspiration, we pull from many mediums Film, Fashion, vintage stores, mood board pages, skateboarding, and whatever catches our eye for inspiration. Film is my first love I hoped I would exercise in this recent season. Our idea to run a vintage page on seasons was due to high fashion. We take garments and create a theme and ideas using already-made items. There are a lot of vintage stores out there now, and some are excelling at what they do; with that in the landscape, It makes me wonder if I would have thought it would be possible to succeed in the vintage realm. I love creating Mood-boards, pages; they are great. We post mood board posts regularly. We are selling others' items; I believe showing who and why you pull from something is essential. We can express our interests in any medium, write short bios, and build a world where if you like Redlocker, you want these films, cars, etc.

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