“Kids Make Art” by Afromatcha



Words: Ajay Woolery

Media: Afromatcha

two young men posing in front of the eiffel tower

Image: Kids Make Art in Paris by Gigi (@bygigiiii)

Today, AFROMATCHA releases their “Kids Make Art” tees in partnership with Bluewater College in Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The Bluewater College offers support to children in unstable living situations through their summer camp as an escape from the issues they face.

The summer camp hosted by Bluewater College has been a source of hope for many children, however, After hurricanes Irma and Maria the college was left severely damaged and without proper funding to complete repairs to its campus. In an effort to help fund creative activities at the camp Afromatcha has developed their “Kids Make Art” tees and stickers, a portion of sales from the capsule will go towards the purchase of supplies and resources to help expand the creativity of kids at the camp.

The campaign for “Kids Make Art” features friends of Afromatcha including young creatives and artists pursuing their goals. Take a look below!

Swipe to Explore — Media: Kamden Kodimer

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