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CREATED IN COLLABORATION WITH: Yomi Rabiu, Ajay Woolery and Christopher George



When the BLM protests came around a friend asked me to shoot some pictures for his BLM project. The school project and the BLM project gave me the inspiration to go on with photography and to take it more seriously. More recently I’ve decided to do digital photography alongside analog and bought a digital camera to do more shoots. (Click/Tap photos above to see series)

Hii guys, I’m Yomi a 21-year-old digital/film photographer based in the Netherlands. Currently, I’m studying Communication & Multimedia Design. Lately, I’ve been getting more into photography. I began my journey as a “photographer” 1.5 years ago. I bought an analog point and shoot camera and began photographing my friends when we were chilling and doing stuff.

A couple of months ago I started my own project that was linked to my study. The project was about photographing the emptiness in the Netherlands during the lockdown of the COVID-19 virus. I took the photos on an analog camera that I borrowed from a friend. I decided to put this work on my Instagram and it was well received by both people online and by my school

I wouldn’t limit myself to a particular section of photography, but I love taking pictures of people. Finding the right moments to photograph and getting the realest emotions out of people is what I want to achieve.

If I can give some tips to people who also want to create art by photographing they would be to not care what other people think and If you want to get there you need to take your camera out as many times as you can and photograph what you like.


Yomi Rabiu discusses his journey as a young creative defining and mastering his craft

What I‘ve also learned is to not adopt all the rules of photography. Because who says you have to shoot like all the rules tell you? Take inspiration from other people but make it your own. It's your work, your own creation of what you see. You can do whatever you want and that will make you apart of the rest.

I’m nowhere near where I want to be. This is just the beginning of something new. I will continue to keep on shooting. And there are many more pictures to come!