Words By: Freddie Peacock, Ajay Woolery

Images By: Freddie Peacock

In our latest interview we learn more about multidisciplinary creative Freddie Peacock. Having interests in a variety of creative fields Freddie’s work ranges from fine art to industrial design

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do creatively?

A: My name is Freddie, I am 18 years old and my work ranges from graphic, to fashion and product design, as well as fine art, predominantly painting.

From a young age I have always been creatively motivated both inside and outside of school. This was first noticed when I received an Art scholarship from the school I was currently attending. Since then, my passions and inspirations within the creative world as a whole have prospered, causing me to develop a specific interest in the ties between art, music and fashion as a creative culture, and the influences that they have on one and other. Because of this, I have carried out work in numerous creative fields outside of school such as creating graphic design commissions for music artists on a worldwide scale. Influenced by the exposure to the different creative outlooks of each of the music artists that I have worked with so far has led me to also begin designing clothes for music videos and create my own themed clothing capsule in 2020, which I then gifted to artists who I had previously worked with. Beyond this, I have enjoyed entering sneaker and graphic design competitions as well as undertaking large scale painting projects.

Q: What does a typical day in your life look like?

A: Right now, I spend a lot of my time throughout the day thinking. I enjoy creating ideas and planning out my projects in my head to such a distinct extent so that when I begin to practically execute them, I know exactly what my intentions for the project are, and how to go about the process from start to finish in great detail, to ensure their success. Aside from this, I would spend my day reading, learning and networking with like- minded creatives in order to gain influence and develop myself. I am confident in saying 90% of my creative work involves no physical activity, for me it is all a vision, the easiest part is execution.

Image: Freddie along with his large scale paintings

Q: What would you describe as the driving force behind your creativity?

A: I feel as though the driving force behind my creativity is the way I think. I believe that every idea and creative thought that could come into my head already exists, its just a matter of time before the stimuli of life, that surrounds everyone, triggers an idea in my mind. For me, as mentioned before, its all mental, the possibilities, like the ideas, already exist, and are infinite.

Q: If you could choose a theme song for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

A: Almost any A$AP Rocky song. From such a young age I have been exposed to and inspired by his music. In a world that has become so saturated by music artists with modern aspirations, it has always been important to me to remember where it all started. For me, that’s A$AP Rocky. The culture that he has created is lived in by so many, the majority of whom I feel are oblivious to who birthed it. More than anything, he puts the art first, as do I.

Image: Work by Freddie Peacock

Q: Who have been your greatest inspirations

A: I have developed many inspirations throughout my development as a creative, however if I had to choose a top three, this would include Virgil Abloh, George Condo, Kanye West and Jeff Staple

Q: How do you get your creative juices flowing?

A: I enjoy working alone, with only the presence of specific music being played which allows me to find a state of peace, freedom and focus in which I am able to act the most creatively. By only playing a selection of specific songs created by people that have inspired me, with lyrics I am familiar with, it feels as though the artists that created them are talking to me and guiding me through the creative process, like a ritual. A lot of my ideas originate from being in a certain state of mind where I feel detached from any distractions, yet at one with anything that could motivate or inspire me. Its all about finding your zone.

Q: What is your definition of creativity

A: The ability to achieve mental freedom.

Q: Where do you hope to see yourself in the future?

A: I hope to meet and work with everyone that has influenced or inspired me up until that point.

Image: Painting by Freddie Peacock

Q: Is there a certain place or source you go to for inspiration? (digital, physical) Please describe.

A: The majority of my inspiration is subconcious and simply comes from being alive and exposed to ‘the stimuli of life’. More specifically, I find inspiration from reading the stories and viewing the work of my major influences and how they have evolved throughout their own journeys, in ways I find similar to myself so far. This can come from both digital sources such as blog pages and news articles, as well as physically meeting people and going to shows and events in which I can learn.

Q: What advice would you give to another young creative?

A: Most importantly I would say seek out who or what inspires you, establish goals and find your zone. Once you’ve done this, your body will find ways to motivate itself and take you to your dream, and if you really want it, it will come true. As I said, ‘I believe that every idea and creative thought that could come into my head already exists, its just a matter of time before the stimuli of life, that surrounds everyone, triggers an idea in my mind.’

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