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Philip Flores

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Photo: Philip Flores

My name is Philip Flores, I’m an 18 year old photographer based in Vancouver. Poetry is another outlet of creativity I express when I'm not able to articulate an idea through photos. I'm really into artistic direction on projects, one day you'll hear the name Delrosa making films and clothes too.

These photos I've submitted have a bit of narrative to them, they all have an overarching feeling of what it means to explore, be free and caught in the troubles of said freedom. With every experience comes a new set of ideas to explore, in which we as people will fail at first to understand. But those willing to proceed and fight, despite the hardships known to come, will be met with something those who give up won't ever touch; the memories of experiencing life to its fullest.


How did you discover what you do creatively?

PF: Art came to me at a point in life where I was lost, I spent time and energy in spaces I'm not proud of. Films were the first form of art I found passion in, I was so interested in how the mind could be expressed through screen writing and how captivating cinematic films felt. Paintings and drawings then drew my attention and I tried to draw a lot. But I could never completely form what I viewed in my head because I always pictured the intimacy of a real person in the visions I had. I found the perfect medium between the two in photography when I saw the work of Fan Ho. Ever since I realized the extent photography could reach further than just the idea of an "image", I understood that photography was one of the most articulate art forms there was.

Photos: Philip Flores


Who or what inspires you?

PF: I get inspired through life and culture. In any art piece, I put my mind and thoughts in the way I express a feeling. When I express these thoughts through art, I hope to overwhelm people who view it with a mood or connection that makes them view their lives differently after they understand what I've tried to communicate in the piece. I do this because that's what made me so passionate about art to begin with. Everything life has to offer inspires me to create, from the way people speak to the motion of the waves, literally anything. Other artists inspire me a lot too, recently I've been really into the work of Louisa Meng, Andrei Tarkovsky, Bjork and Se So Neon. Anything that makes me feel something is a catalyst for inspiration.

Photos: Philip Flores

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