Community Feature:

Freddie Peacock

This painting is significant to me as it resembles the initiation of a collection of portrait paintings I look to complete before the end of this year. The collection is called the ‘London Series’, and will feature between 4 and 5 of my biggest creative influences and inspirations from London, painted in my own unique style. With each colour and shape used being coded, coordinated, and re drawn tens of times, I hope to create an alarming yet calming and therapeutic outcome for the viewer of my work, through the use of fine tuned colour pallets and facial forms. As for the subjects of the portraits themselves, each of the paintings feature specific references to their career, where they’ve come from, and their journey so far, thus causing the paintings not only to hold strong aesthetic appeal, but also vast emotional and sentimental value to both myself and the subjects.

Words By: Freddie Peacock